Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Personal Story

Dear Audience,

Here is a little story about The Tower of Doom.

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I remember hopping up the steps two by two onto the circle platform and thoughts hurriedly rushing through my mind. I’m so scared! I feel like I might vomit, this is my first time at Lakeside and the first time doing the Tower Of Doom! . I don’t know if I really want to do this, but I will. I threw my shoes in the basket and then jumped up onto my seat next to Dad and pulled my protection bar down in front of me.
“Dad, why do we have to put our shoes in a basket instead of keeping them on?” I asked.
“Because if we didn’t, our shoes will fall off! But you only put your shoes in the basket if you are wearing sandals or ‘flats’.” Then the ride operator came around to check if our protection bars were locked. Then came a sudden jerk, and we started riding slowly up. I’m so scared. I actually don’t want to do this anymore.
“No going back now!” exclaimed Dad.
“It’s really scary!” Sam yelled up to us.
“Don’t look down!” Mom shouted, “If you do, it will be more scary!”
Oh gosh, I remember Sam’s face after he went, scared, eyes wide, mouth dropped open, mine might be the same after I go! “This is so nerveracking!” I squealed looking straight up at the tall tower smirking down at me.
“I know right! When we are at the top there will be a loud screeeeeeeech, as a warning that we will start to drop. But beware, we drop very quickly.” Dad replied, “Just letting you know I’ve never done this before! Even my Mom and Dad think it’s scary! I thought hooking my feet on the bottom bar below me and squeezed my fingers around the protection bar in front of me.

BANG!! Then suddenly we dropped. I heard a few voices scream but that was all, and before I knew it we were at the bottom and I had the same face Sam had but with a huge smile on it.
“You look so scared!” Sam and Mom both said to me.
“I guess there was no warning. They changed it!” Dad said.

“Ahhhh!” I screamed after as Dad and I hopped out of our seats and walked dizzily down the steps.“That was awesome! We have to do that again sometime before we leave! The Tower of Doom is awesome! When we get home I’m telling everyone: I survived The Mysterious Tower Of Doom!” I exclaimed.