Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Diary Entry 3: Ten Weeks Traveling

There were a lot of bad things happening in the last three weeks. One thing is that our mast broke from the storm that passed our way. We went off course, again, and we spent another week at sea. This made the Ship Surgeon's scurvy even worse and very sadly, he died. Rest in peace.

Also, our Interpreter had dysentery. Now he does not work very much. He is usually in the loo, or bedridden. With one crew member dead and another sick all the work was put on the two girls. Thankfully, our Navigator helped our Interpreter get better.

However, once the Interpreter was better, our Captain went crazy. We think spending too much time at sea was the cause. The Interpreter and I tried to convince the crew to keep sailing with the Captain for a few more weeks. It took many attempts but the crew agreed and we will keep sailing.


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