Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Diary Entry 3: Ten Weeks Traveling

There were a lot of bad things happening in the last three weeks. One thing is that our mast broke from the storm that passed our way. We went off course, again, and we spent another week at sea. This made the Ship Surgeon's scurvy even worse and very sadly, he died. Rest in peace.

Also, our Interpreter had dysentery. Now he does not work very much. He is usually in the loo, or bedridden. With one crew member dead and another sick all the work was put on the two girls. Thankfully, our Navigator helped our Interpreter get better.

However, once the Interpreter was better, our Captain went crazy. We think spending too much time at sea was the cause. The Interpreter and I tried to convince the crew to keep sailing with the Captain for a few more weeks. It took many attempts but the crew agreed and we will keep sailing.


My Goals For The New Year

                                   My Goals For the New Year
  • Watch less TV
  • Read more books
  • Take responsibility for chores
  • Improve my rock climbing skills
  • Play less video games
  • Play with my friends outside 
  • Spend more time playing with my dog
  • Hike with my dad more
  • Do more things with my family

This New Year I would like to improve my rock climbing skills. I would like to do that by going to more classes and practice when I can. 

How Do I Learn Best

                                                                    The Kinestheic Style
How I learn best is the Tactile/Kinestheic style. That means I like to learn by interacting. I can usually remember what I just learned if I make something about it. I like to play card or board games to learn also. I really like it when teachers let me work and learn by doing activities. I usually like writing in my journal and writing my ideas about things in my journal.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Diary Entry 2: Still Sailing On The Royalty

My fellow Comrades,

We have been sailing for seven weeks now, and a lot has been going on. Lots of times we checked our supplies and made sure we had Vitamin C. Once our water went bad and we found green scum and larva floating in our water.

Our trip took three extra weeks because we kept going off course. Once there was a huge storm and we were caught in it. Our ship was almost torn to shreds! I was so happy when that storm was over!

A few days after that my entire crew, except for two people, got really mad at me. I don't know why they were mad at me, but they were so mad that they threw me overboard! I swam a wee bit but then our Navigator jumped in and rescued me. Thank heavens! She had left a rope with the Interpreter and he, with other crew members, pulled us out.  I became a wee bit sick but the Ship Surgeon cured me.

Our Ship Surgeon to come down with scurvy. We think it was from the bad water on board. We needed to get to a land with fruits and clean water for the Ship Surgeon to get better.



Thursday, December 11, 2014

Diary Entry 1: First Day Traveling

Good Lords and Ladies,

 It is the year of 1495 in the month of August. It's the first day we are sailing. When I stepped on the boat it no longer smelled of salt and fish, but it smelled like tar and maybe some feathers. We went to check our supplies and they were all good. I also went to check our navigation equipment, and we had all we needed. We set sail on the good ship Royalty and had everything we needed.

The first stop we stopped at were the Canary Islands. We had ship leave and the crew left and partied for the whole night! I could hear them rock'n out and I knew they had found rum. In the morning I hoped that my crew would come back to keep sailing. I waited and waited I thought they had ditched me and I would have to keep traveling alone, but at the 11th hour my whole crew came back all ready to go. "I thought you guys ditched me and I would have to keep sailing alone." I told them.

A little after that, while we were sailing all the wind around us slowed down and we had to make a lot of small turns to keep moving, and I almost felt a little bit nauseous. Suddenly all the wind around us stopped. The ship came to a halt and we were slowly rocking up and down. We had a decision to make. It was either, wait for the wind to start again, or make somebody get into a rowboat to tow the ship. The crew decided to tow. I tried to convince Malichi to get out and tow the ship, but he refused. Then Pedro tried to convince Malichi to go tow the ship, and Malichi said he would! I thought that was just downright cruel!


Brooklyn- Boatswain
August 1495

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Personal Story

Dear Audience,

Here is a little story about The Tower of Doom.

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I remember hopping up the steps two by two onto the circle platform and thoughts hurriedly rushing through my mind. I’m so scared! I feel like I might vomit, this is my first time at Lakeside and the first time doing the Tower Of Doom! . I don’t know if I really want to do this, but I will. I threw my shoes in the basket and then jumped up onto my seat next to Dad and pulled my protection bar down in front of me.
“Dad, why do we have to put our shoes in a basket instead of keeping them on?” I asked.
“Because if we didn’t, our shoes will fall off! But you only put your shoes in the basket if you are wearing sandals or ‘flats’.” Then the ride operator came around to check if our protection bars were locked. Then came a sudden jerk, and we started riding slowly up. I’m so scared. I actually don’t want to do this anymore.
“No going back now!” exclaimed Dad.
“It’s really scary!” Sam yelled up to us.
“Don’t look down!” Mom shouted, “If you do, it will be more scary!”
Oh gosh, I remember Sam’s face after he went, scared, eyes wide, mouth dropped open, mine might be the same after I go! “This is so nerveracking!” I squealed looking straight up at the tall tower smirking down at me.
“I know right! When we are at the top there will be a loud screeeeeeeech, as a warning that we will start to drop. But beware, we drop very quickly.” Dad replied, “Just letting you know I’ve never done this before! Even my Mom and Dad think it’s scary! I thought hooking my feet on the bottom bar below me and squeezed my fingers around the protection bar in front of me.

BANG!! Then suddenly we dropped. I heard a few voices scream but that was all, and before I knew it we were at the bottom and I had the same face Sam had but with a huge smile on it.
“You look so scared!” Sam and Mom both said to me.
“I guess there was no warning. They changed it!” Dad said.

“Ahhhh!” I screamed after as Dad and I hopped out of our seats and walked dizzily down the steps.“That was awesome! We have to do that again sometime before we leave! The Tower of Doom is awesome! When we get home I’m telling everyone: I survived The Mysterious Tower Of Doom!” I exclaimed.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Three Disasters

Dear audience,
An earthquake is caused by the magma/lava under the earth making the tectonic plates move by pushing together or the sides pushing and moving at the same time. We live on tectonic plates. Earthquakes change the surface on the earth by forming mountains and damage buildings and houses. The Richter Scale measures the level of the earthquake. The Richer Scale is from 1-9, with a one being very low and a nine being very high. It is important for people to learn more about earthquakes because we will be able to know how bad earthquakes can get. Also for us to tell if buildings are going to be badly damaged or not. Earthquakes last for about fifteen seconds.
                                                                          Falt Lines
Earthquakes are most likely to occur near the edge of tectonic plates. This is called a Fault Line. Fault lines are hidden under the ground, and are not visible to living things. Fault lines are usually found in the ocean and where the ocean meets the land.
A tsunami is caused by an earthquake in the ocean. A tsunami is a huge wave that moves quickly toward the shore and gets bigger as it moves. It can destroy everything in it's way. It is very hard to escape a tsunami because it comes at you very, very quickly and you cannot outrun it. Lots of people have died from tsunamis.

Volcanoes change earth's surface by forming more land. They erupt and then after, the lava turns into rock. But if the lava hits the water around an island it turns into rock quicker than if it stays on land.

                                                                      RICHER SCALE
                                                                      1. 10 times bigger than
                                                                      2. 100 times bigger than 1
                                                                      3. 1,000 times bigger than 1
                                                                      4. 10,000 times bigger than 1
                                                                      5. 100,000 times bigger than 1
                                                                      6. 1,000,000 times bigger than 1
                                                                      7. 10,000,000 times bigger than 1
                                                                      8. 100,000,000 times bigger than 1
                                                                      9. 1,000,000,000 times bigger than 1

                                                           A huge wave formed by an earthquake
                                                                                  Falt Line
                                                         A line that shows the edge of tectonic plates
                                                                                Richter Scale
                                                          A chart to show the levels of a earthquake
                                                                              Tectonic Plates
                                                          Pieces of strong rock that we live on
                                                 When the ground shakes and buildings get damaged
                                                                          To hurt something
                                                                           To see something
                                                       A hollow mountain that has lava in it.
I got the idea for the Glossary and Richer Scale from Adisa's Dragon Den.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The `Nervous System

Dear audience,

The nervous system is important because if we didn't have the nervous system we wouldn't be able to use our senses. It controls your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, and your sense of touch. Your brain has a path which connects to your eye. Once one of your brain sells breaks your brain can not replace it. Your spinal cord connects to your brain. Your brain tells you what to do, both voluntary  or involuntary. Your brain, your spinal cord and your nerves are the most important parts of your body. The brain receives information and messages from the outside of the body through your eyes, ears, mouth, nose and skin. For example: if someone touches you, you would feel it. You feel it because your skin has nerves in it. Your nervous system works with muscles by sending messages through your body with electricity to the muscles. The only involuntary muscles are your heart beating and your lungs breathing. "The brain sends signals to our organs to keep them working without us even thinking about it." -Discovery Education.We have lots of long stick-like things in the back of our eyes called cones. We have long ones and short ones. The short ones help you see color and the long ones help you see black and white. We have two sides of our brain. The left side of your brain surprisingly controls the right side of your body and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body. It takes a lot of information moving through your nervous system to make your body move from one side of your body to the other side of your body. Our brain is very interesting.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Taking Apart Dirt

I think our sample of dirt [chex-mix and skittles] is a Mixture because the objects are mixed together and can be taken apart. It is also a solid and mass. There is more healthy soil than contaminated soil. The soil is mostly healthy but it is also a little irritated.

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Dear Readers

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